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Chemical and Physical changes
Updated: 9/25/2020
Chemical and Physical changes
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  • Welcome
  • today we are learning about physical and chemical changes
  • so what is a physical change a physical change is just a change in appearance or state solid>liquid>gas like water turning into ice nothing has change except the state the ice is still the same element as water
  • a chemical change is a change which produces new substances rusting is a good example of a chemical change
  • Elements and Compound are the reason for physical and chemical changes. When two different elements are chemically combined it creates a compound also a chemical change because you can't separate the two and it is a new substance
  • So a mixture is a physical change because the mix is not chemically combined and can be easily separated
  • the periodic table of elements tells you the atomic mass, atomic#, the symbol and the name of the element
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