Road to the American Revolution Project
Updated: 10/27/2020
Road to the American Revolution Project

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  • Navigation Acts
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  • Stamp Acts
  • Quarting Acts
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  • a. This is when England sent a law that they could bring goods and they can only sell thingsb. This wouldn't make me that mad because it is somewhat reasonable because we still are apart of them and they have to make money sometimes
  • Boston Massacre
  • 4
  • a. This is when they put taxes on paper and documents and newspaperb. This would make me a little mad because newspaper was something to see what is happening and I wouldn' want to see anymore since it cost more
  • Interolble/ Coervice Act
  • 5
  • a. This is when England set a rule that made soldiers allowed to live at your house and make your responsibilityb. This would have made me mad because they have allowed people in my home without my permission
  • 2nd Continteal Congress
  • 6
  • a. The Boston Massacre was when soldiers killed 5 people from a riot or brawlb. This is important because the colonist heard the biased side of it and that was the peaking point.
  • a. This is when they would put a law that the taxes for some goods like coffee and other foodsb. this would make me mad because if I was poor and had to pay more for food or coffee it would make me mad.
  • a. this is when the British colonists were a big step closer to get independence b. This would make me happy since I'm close to being free from England
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