Mrs Cancelierre project
Updated: 11/25/2020
Mrs Cancelierre project

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  • Rome Before the Punic Wars:  -A mere peninsula -had soldiers and farmers -less money -built empire through conquest and bloodshed -had more manpower
  • All of Rome!! We have to conquer Cathrage. They are growing fast and steady and we have to get to them before they get to us.
  • Carthage Before the Punic Wars: -Mirrored Rome in many ways -Phoenician colony -Capital of a coastal empire -Smarter -Wealthier -Founded earlier than Rome
  • Here in Carthage we are doing very good. We’re growing much stronger, wealthier, and smarter at a very fast rate.
  • The First Punic War: -fought over the island of Sicily -the city of Carthage tried to keep war at sea whilst the Romans tried to bring it to land -this war lasted 24 years until Carthage was forced to land and forced to pay a fine which left them broke and they couldn’t pay it. -In Result Rome took advantage and added Corsica and Sardinia to its empire.
  • Second Punic War: -Carthage spread to the Iberian peninsula, -Romans were very scared -Carthage built up there army and Rome built up their Navy -Carthage went over the Alps to attack and they took down every Roman army but unable to take Rome -Carthage was now the size of a city
  • Third Punic War:-After 50 years Carthage finally payed off the indemnity -Rome demanded that Carthage abandon their city and settle 10 miles inland -Carthage refused causing the 3rd punic war -This led to the end of Carthage
  • Impact: Rome burned Carthage to the ground and took total control, these wars made Romes small city expand to a ruling empire. Both cities fell in 146 BCE
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