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Updated: 12/18/2020
Unknown Story

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  • NOOOO!!!
  • Time to give up King! HAHAHA
  • How does this building work?
  • No we want a bigger one!
  • Queen Elizabeth dies with no one to take after her. James I becomes king and he believed in Divine Rights of Kings
  • What is your argument?
  • Sir he tried to attack me first
  • James I dies and Charles I takes over while also believing in the Divine Rights of Kings. Which then started the civil war with Supporters of the kings and parliament
  • King Charles was beheaded. Oliver Cromwell takes over was apart of parliament. Makes a new army and eventually finds out its hard to work with parliament.
  • The divine of rights has been destroyed!!
  • YAYYYYYY!!!!
  • Charles II is made king. He didnt believe in the Divine Rights and no one can be held in Jail forever and they all get a trail no matter what
  • James II is made king because Charles II died with no heir. Parliament becomes worried when he has a son and gets a wife.
  • William and Mary take over the throne. Destroyed the Divine Rights of Kings. Monarchy and parliament rule together now.
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