Updated: 9/30/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Why are you people in the playground? OUT!!
  • The playground is for everybody. I will not get out.
  • Mom I'm scared
  • NO, this is my seat.
  • This seat is for white men!
  • This is his seat, go to the back with the rest.
  • If you want to be freed, you have to give up your political position.
  • I will not do such thing, I'd rather stay in prison for 27 years for my people.
  • Hey Mr.Smith , my teacher has only been giving me stacks of work and is really rude. I think it's because I'm the only colored student.
  • That student is a threat to the school.
  • Unexceptable! You're fired! Racism will not be permitted in my school
  • Is he insane, we'd be in danger if we get involved and the police will not like what he's planning.
  • The police hasn't helped at all with the recent kidnaps. We should work together to find those missing students.
  • The police doesn't want us to get involved.