COVID-19: The Stop of the World
Updated: 5/19/2020
COVID-19: The Stop of the World

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  • Once Upon a time when the earth was starting a community called viruses were the first thing that appeared . They are not really alive, but they get into a living cell to reproduce and guarantee to survive while they are inside the host.
  • I'm John, I live in Panama. This story is about a virus named SARS- COV-2 that produces a disease known as COVID- 19 (it stands for COrona Virus Disease 2019). The vurs is a corona as the spikes of a crown. This disease appears in my country in the middle of a Respiratory Pandemic that caused the Stop of the World.
  • In Deecember 2019 Dr. Li Wenliang discover the virus in Wuham, China . He was threatened , contracted the virus and then died. No one listened to him and the spread statrted killing a lot of people around the world by 2020.
  • All started in China during the last trimester of 2019 when after previous years of research a virus connected 93% with the COVID-19 disease was discovered. It was named batcoronavirus RaTG13 and it came from abat. The virus jumped from another specie to the human at a certain point in time.
  • By January 30th 2020, the OMS declared a World Emergency. The virus was already starting the spread, 114 thousand people in China were infected. But the majority of the governments were denying the problem, frontiers were open, health systems were not preapared and as usual we didn't work on preventing outbreaks.
  • So ways of infection and symptoms alters started: be careful of droplets while someone sneeze, cough or talk. Keep 6 feets of distance becuase It gets into our body through the nose, eyes and mouth. It also lives in surfaces for hours, so people can get infected because we touch our face many times per hour.
  • So suddenly in Panama, while the world was going crazy. The Government announced schools were closing, and few days after the OMS also announced the World Pandemic. The World Stopped. And with it the economy, and people normal lifes. More and More people were having fever, cough, fatigue, diarrehea, sore throat, loss of sense, lack of taste, all sympomts for COVID-19.
  • Since there is no vaccine yet, and it could be spread with out symptoms, prevention measures started agressively.after losing many lives. Social distancing, personal hygiene recommendatios such as washing your hands, using mask, using gloves, don't touching your face and staying at home became the most important thing to flat the curve of contagious.
  • We are just getting into the middle of dealing with the disease. And we all need to keep calm because while COVID-19 is still here we are learning to live a new normal life.