foundations of democracy
Updated: 2/3/2020
foundations of democracy
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  • you will need to give up some rights
  • social contract
  • if you want protection sign a social contract
  • you can rebel against us
  • but, if we don't provide what we say we will
  • keep order
  • make laws
  • to make sure those who hurt people or take things can't get away with it
  • to keep citizens from breaking laws
  • this is the 4 roles of government!
  • to make sure neghboring countries don't have more land
  • so we may have things like schools
  • protect the country
  • help citizens
  • constitution
  • rights of the minority
  • the 5 limitations of government
  • rule of law
  • separation of power
  • consent of the governed
  • 5 limits continued
  • laws are fair and enforced,and no one is above them
  • a rule book for a contry's government
  • protect small/ unpopular groups
  • divids power between multiple branches
  • citizens agree to be governed
  • rule of law
  • order & security means criminals face consequences,legitimacy means laws are viewed as worthy to follow,checks & balances means power is divided. equal applications means no one is above the law,procedural fairness means rules for legal proceedings are fair,access to justice means citizens can enforce their rights
  • procedural fairness
  • access to justice
  • equal application of the law
  • legitimacy
  • order and security
  • checks and balances
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