MIlly beating me up
Updated: 5/5/2020
MIlly beating me up

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Storyboard Text

  • The boy “always went down to help [the old man] carry” his equipment. Afterwards, they would return to the old man’s shack and sit “on the Terrace”
  • “‘Tomorrow is going to be a good day,’” I’ll go “‘Far out to come in when the wind shifts.’”
  • “‘Where are you going?’”
  • “‘Good luck old man.’”
  • “Before it was really light he had his baits out and was drifting with the current.” It wasn’t long before “one hundred fathoms down a marlin” had been hooked.
  • “I’m being towed by a fish and I am the towing bit"
  • “What a fish!”
  • “‘I love you and respect you and very much. But I will kill you dead before the day ends.’”
  • “His left hand was still cramped,”
  • He “noticed his hand was bleeding.”
  • The old man “felt the strength of the great fish through the line he held”
  • The old man “lifted the harpoon as high as he could and drove it down with all his strength”
  • “‘No... he can’t be that big.’”
  • “Never have I had such a strong fish nor one who acted so strangely.”
  • “He made the fish fast to [the] bow and stern,” however, it was only “an hour before the first shark hit him.”
  • I can “hear the noise of skin and flesh ripping on the big fish”
  • “It was too good to last”
  • The old man “sailed into the little harbour” and returned to his shack. The following morning, the boy went “to the old man’s shack and sat by him until he woke.”
  • “He was eighteen feet!”
  • “‘I do not care… but we will fish together now for I still have much to learn.’”
  • “‘What will your family say?’”
  • “‘Now we fish together again.’”