Updated: 1/28/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Mom why in the world is this room not used for a bed room?
  • Because sweetie this is going to be my wine room
  • Can we at least talk about this in the dining room please?
  • Fine,yes
  • Mom you have to understand, Audrey is 15 and has to share a room with her 2 sisters
  • Imagine how hard that is
  • I know but it will cost me a lot of money and I think she actually likes sharing a room
  • I say we call her down and move to the couch.
  • "AUDREY"
  • OK let's do it.
  • So we called you down to see if you like sharing a room with your two sisters
  • Oh heck no, I want my own room so bad
  • Wow I did not know about that Audrey
  • Mom do you know what this means, I can move into the downstairs bedroom
  • OMG!!!! I suppose I will think about it and talk to your father
  • And I can move into his old bedroom!!!!!