E. Coil

Updated: 10/1/2021
E. Coil

Storyboard Text

  • oh my, have you heard about the E. coil thats going around town?
  • No actually i haven't grandpa. Have you got it yet?
  • oh god grandpa im sorry. Are you okay what happened when you had it?
  • Yes i have darling i got it from the dang sloppy joes from the dinner.
  • My stomach was killing me like sharp pains everytime i moved
  • ok...OKAYYY.. i get it thank you grandpa. Im happy your feeling better
  • I had diarrhea all over the place. I had a fever of 101. I was throw up. It was bad.
  • Next time im gonna make sure that the beef is good and that papa joes health regalation is good.
  • Thats smart grandpa good thinking.