Dealing With Family Conflict

Updated: 1/25/2019
Dealing With Family Conflict

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  • Hey mom, just wondering can I go to Tiffanys today. She having a sleep over with a bunch of other girls.
  • Maybe Honey, it all depends if you clean your room and do your chores.
  • Me and your mother will be out on our date night and if your room is'nt clean your not going to Tiffanys to sleepover.
  • Hey Tiffany, ya so my mom said yes but I have to do my chores. Its okay I don't have to do them yet, I can do them later. Dont worry be there at 7:30. My parents wont get home until 7.
  • 1 hour later.....
  • 3.Even if it was did you at least do your chores and clean your room. I don't think so. What have you been doing this whole time? I guess your not going to Tiffany's house.
  • 2.It wasnt me. It was Puddles the dog. I swear.4. PLease can I still go to Tiffanys, I swear I will do this tomorrow when I get back.
  • Omg, its 6:50. Mom and dad will be here in 10 minutes and I have to still do my chores. I slept for 2 hours wow that's a long time sleeping and not doing my chores.
  • Nooooo, I wont have enough time. There's only one way is to start but try to make up something up so they believe me
  • Ahhhh, Olivia. Come down here now!!
  • 1.Can you explain this Olivia.5. Nope, you didnt do your chores I guess no Tiffany's then. Your going to stay home and finish what you should have started.