Temperature Reaction Rate

Updated: 5/5/2020
Temperature Reaction Rate

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  • For today's assignment, we are going to measure the effect of temperature on rate of reaction with different things.
  • I really don't expect much to happen with the temperature for the reaction of rate.
  • Well actually temperature increase actually affects the reaction rate. There's more energy and it has the particles move quicker.
  • So basically we need a mixture of an acid and an alkali solution, along with a thermonator and a stop watch
  • The chemistry teacher is assignmening a Lab for the students to do. And the goal for the assignment is for the students to measure the effect of how temperature effects the reaction rate.
  • The two talk about what they think will happen from the experiment. One of them is correct as to how and why temperature affects the rate of reaction.
  • They explained to each other what was needed for the experiment, and there needs to be two different mixtures so there can be a reaction and a thermometer to measure the temp once it's done.
  • I didn't think the temperature would actually affect the reaction rate.
  • All of the tools, and essentials are being placed and ready to go to begin the experiment. They will add the green and red mixture together and while that's being done the thermometer will be in the mixture to measure if the temp went up.
  • When they mixed the two mixtures together, the reaction was that the temperature did go up. And the reason for that is because the atomic or molecular collisions between molecules increase. Not only is the reaction rate affected, the temperature affects the rate of constants in a predictable way.
  • The two talk about what had happened. And they earn that temperature is apart of how the reaction rate changes. It influences it.