greys antomy
Updated: 2/11/2021
greys antomy

Storyboard Text

  • they are on there way to the hostpital
  • time to go to the hostpital
  • lets go!
  • They all arrive to the hostpital and meet Dr. Weber and Alex at the hostpital
  • i hate people
  • meredith come here
  • on my way!!
  • Dereks patient is coding Cristina is helping!
  • my patient is coding I need help!
  • the patient is coding Dr. Yang will save them
  • Im on it!!
  • he needs to go into surgery right now!
  • Code blue!!
  • Dr. Yang and Dr. Shepard are saving the patietn
  • ok lets get to work
  • ok
  • The End
  • thanks dr. shepard!
  • well that was a sucsess thanks dr. yang couldn't have done it without you!