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Health Class Refusal Skills
Updated: 2/20/2020
Health Class Refusal Skills
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Storyboard Description

I am working on refusal skills of a storyboard in Health class.

Storyboard Text

  • You want to sit with us at lunch today?
  • I would love to be your friend!
  • I can't believe I just said that to a weirdo
  • She was the queen, the leader of the cheerleading squad. She saw me as the weirdo of the school. She always made fun of me, called me names. She was always the cool kid and I was always the nerd.
  • Want to come over to my house and have fun with me and the girls?
  • Sure, I see why not!
  • But, just today my life changed. She asked me to sit next to her at lunch with her friends. It shocked me so I did it anyway. But, I knew the second she talked to me something was off.
  • Want a drink or smoke?
  • No thanks! Im good!
  • Hey! I have seen that you are new here and you can't fit in also I have been making fun of you and I am very sorry for it and I would love to be your friend, right girls! As they all nodded and said yes.
  • I SAID NO!
  • I was up for it, this was my chance to be popular and have fun for the first time in my life. So, we talked and talked at lunch and she invited me over to the cheerleading house. So, I excepted obviously.
  • So, I met her and her friends at the house. They had alcohol and pot laying everywhere and offered me some but I refused. They kept pressuring me to drink with them and said everything would be okay. I said no in a firm voice and left.
  • They kept calling me and texting me said that I was a chicken and would never have been their friend. Which was okay because they pressured me into doing it but I said no. It was worth not getting hurt. But, they don't know I do have friends .
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