If-Then Statements
Updated: 1/17/2021
If-Then Statements

Storyboard Text

  • If Jose stays up late, then he will wake up tired.
  • 2 + 2 = ? 6 4 2 56
  • If Jose wakes up tired, then he will be losing focus the entire day at school.
  • 3x-18=0 6 4 10 12
  • If Jose loses focus in class, then he will not take in all the information needed for the homework.
  • I'm finally going to sleep
  • If Jose does not take in all the information needed, then he will struggle with the homework.
  • If Jose struggles to do the homework, then he will spend hours pondering over the correct answers.
  • If Jose spends hours pondering over the answers, then he will stay up late.