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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/4/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Civil War
  • Why must we fight? we should be equal!!
  • You are equal! In the Cotton Fields !!!
  • Reconstruction
  • Honey . . . please be safe.
  • Ok honey. I'm heading over to cast my vote.
  • Why's mama crying?
  • Great Migration
  • Someday Caroline. Someday
  • Raymond. Will we ever be truly free?
  • Someday Raymond. Someday.
  • The setting takes place in the civil war where a union soldier and a confederate duke it out in a battle with several bodies laying on the ground. the union soldier is trying to reason with the confederate soldier.
  • Jim Crow
  • Barber Shop (WHITES ONLY)
  • You best get out of here boy. . .
  • Don't make me slug ya!!
  • The setting takes place in a house. Raymond gets ready and says goodbye so he can cast his vote. His wife is obviously nervous because they live in a state where white folk don't take too kindly to blacks.
  • Montgomery Bus Boycott
  • The setting is where Raymond and his family is migrating from the unruly south to the northwest. The wife Is hoping that their children will be equal in the future. Raymond comforts her saying it's ok.
  • Protesting with a Civil Rights Leader
  • This setting takes place during where Jim crow is still in affect. Raymond Jr. is getting a haircut only to be stopped by a white's only sign with two whites antagonizing him. in his head he then says to himself Someday. Hoping that they will be equal in the future,.
  • This event describes the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Raymond Jr. is in the back of the bus while watching Rosa Parks refusing to give up her seat to a white man. This boosts Raymond Jr.'s confidence Believing that our people are fighting back hard.
  • Lady. Could you please move?
  • No. No i won't.
  • This slide is where our Character Raymond Jr. (left) is protesting with Martin Luther King Jr. and others. From this point on, the fight for civil rights truly begin. in his head, Raymond Jr. says he has to do this for his family and for his son. No words are needed for this.
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