Urmom is trans
Updated: 1/29/2021
Urmom is trans

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  • Hello i'm a billionaire and it seems like all of the US is in a Stock Market crash!
  • Yes, everyone is running out of money and people cant pay back their money to the bank because they were buying on margin.
  • Your house is very rundown. I think you might want an upgrade and some money.
  • My house is really Rundown. I only have about $3.68 left of my money im trying to find a new job and get money for food.
  • I have so much money because I invested in Stock exchange way before the crash, I have so much money because I got lucky and I got my money from the bank before the crash. So i´m donating to people who basically have nothing.
  • IS THIS MY NEW HOUSE!!!!???? Thank you so much i'm so happy now i can listen to Fireside chats, and move out of Hooverville!