Greeks V.S Trojans war

Updated: 5/22/2021
Greeks V.S Trojans war

Storyboard Description

Greeks against the Trojans in war

Storyboard Text

  • Paris was not invited to the beauty contest between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite. Paris is the person that will be picking the most beautiful out of the three. The person that wins will receive the golden apple.
  • Achilles threw his spear and Hector dodged it, but Hector threw his also and missed. Achilles's armor was made by gods and could not be pierced while Hector had Achilles's old armor. This was pretty obvious on who was going to win. Achilles ended up spearing Hector in the throat killing him. And when Hector's family asked for the body, Achilles refused to give the body to Hector's family.
  • Paris was supposed to chose who is the most beautiful.  He ended up picking Aphrodite, which means she gets the golden apple.
  • Helen of Sparta was the most beautiful women in the world. Her mother Leda's new husband King Tyndareus would be the one to choose the suiter for Helen. Tyndareus was scared that whoever he picked would have to fight others that wanted Helen, so he made everyone take an oath that they would punish anyone that were to interfere with the wedding between the chosen one and Helen.
  • The Greeks put a huge horse outside of their area making it seem as if they surrendered. The Trojans realized this and thought that the Greeks abandoned their area. The Trojans then started celebrating and brought the horse outside of their own gates.
  • The Greeks jumped out of the horse. They started to bust through the gates. After getting inside they lit everything on fire while the Trojans were sleeping. By the time the Trojans woke up it was already over. They had already lost.