George Washingtons Story
Updated: 1/5/2021
George Washingtons Story

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  • George Leaving his home town to go to the State Capital.
  • I cant believe i am president.
  • Hamilton asked Jefferson to gain the southerns support. They agreed to place the new capital in the south.
  • George Choosing his Cabinet
  • AS one of Georges Many task, his task today was to choose who would be making this country a better place, He needed to choose someone for the secretary of war, and The secretary of state.
  • Hamilton
  • In 1790 Hamilton Presented his plan to congress.He though that bye , paying off war debt,raising government revenues, and creating a national bank that the country would be much better.
  • Congress
  • The secretary favored the tax on imported goods. Because it raised a lot of money for the Government. So they made the good more expensive. and encourages people to buy American goods.
  • They also called for a creation of the national bank, since a bank would meet many needs.
  • Overall Hamilton's plan would benefit the country but it also worried Jefferson and Madison.
  • Madison and Jefferson discussing the matters for this.
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