Great Depression
Updated: 2/12/2021
Great Depression

Storyboard Text

  • we don't have enough money for crops
  • we have too many cars we can't sell, I need to lay off workers so the company can survive
  • I invested so much into this factory and its going under, I need to pull my stocks out
  • Farmers having too little money to get any food grown and sells for so little
  • I want to withdraw all my money
  • mass production made the company go under because cars at this time were not needed so the company has so many cars they can't sell.
  • ok well pay you back when we can
  • we'll lone you 1 billion dollars to help you recover from the war
  • Most people had stocks in a lot of companies when that companies started to lose money the people started to lose money, so the people pulled their stocks and that led to the companies losing even more money
  • I need a lone for my farm
  • ok heres four hundred thousand dollars.
  • when the stock market started to crash people went to take their money from the bank so they don't use that
  • The US gave their allies money to help them recover from WW1. The other countries weren't able to pay the US so the US didn't have as much money that they could of.
  • most people went to get lones si they could have the family of companies survive, but most people couldn't pay it back, so that's less money for the country