Updated: 2/17/2021

Storyboard Description

Ideal use case for booking a flight via AI

Storyboard Text

  • I found the following cities for LA: Los Angeles California, La Belle Florida, or La Grande Oregon. Can you define what LA stands for?
  • Ok, would you like to go to Cancun Mexico, the price is $237 for a one-way flight flying on Delta Airlines at 4:37PM
  • ... Google Searches cheapest flights for warm destinations: assumption look for most popular right now
  • ... Assuption: no date specified - you mean immediately
  • Hey Google, i want to go somewhere warm
  • What about LA?
  • ... understands Abbreviations, looks them up and gives you a list of the most popular
  • OK, that a one-way flight is $537 and leaves tomorrow at 8AM via American Airlines, would you like to book it?
  • Los Angeles California
  • I need that roundtrip
  • OK, thats $1037 and the trip time is 4 hours leaving at the same time, returning 1 week from today this is a direct flight, would you like to book it?
  • Thats $847, leaving at the same time but is 8 hours long and has 3 stops. Would you like to book it?
  • What about something cheaper, not direct
  • Yes
  • ...If airline does not change, dont mention it