3/5 Compromise SKit
Updated: 12/12/2020
3/5 Compromise SKit

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  • I'm trying to tell them why slaves shouldn't be allowed to vote.
  • What are you guys talking about?
  • I stand by my earlier statements!
  • But you're wrong. They should be.
  • Hm. I was thinking the number of votes should be based on the number of free people.
  • Oh, really now? How so? Slaves are our property, they are NOT part of the population.
  • I still think blacks and whites should have equal footing.
  • Slaves are people too. If they're part of the state, they're a part of the population.
  • That does kind of make sense.
  • I'm just saying.. you should only be allowed to vote if you're a free man. Otherwise you are owned and have no right to vote.
  • Elaborate.
  • Sorry for the intrusion, but we couldn’t help but overhear.
  • In my opinion, the Southern states are right. Slaves should have rights in this matter.
  • See? This man is sensible. Slaves should be counted towards the population.
  • I agree with Pinckney.
  • We heard the whole conversation.
  • If I could give some input.. I believe that if Slaves are allowed to vote, they should have whole rights.
  • How about this? What if we compromise on ⅗ of the slave population.
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