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History Homework
Updated: 5/4/2020
History Homework
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  • In 1954, their main goal was to help the French, in which they did. They were later attacked 5 years after by Vietnam. In addition, They feared communism would spread too quickly so they wanted to prevent that. This is known as the Domino Theory.
  • The French need help, let us do it!
  • In 1964, Vietnam had stumbled on a U.S warship, it was attacked by them with torpedoes. This was now when America entered the war. The Gulf of Ton-kin Resolution gave Vietnam the go-to attack the warship.
  • We're under attack!
  • In 1968, during their Tet, Vietnamese New Year, Americans thought they wouldn't attack, but the complete opposite happened and it was horrible.
  • This was unexpected! Everyone retreat!
  • The people are losing trust in us! What do we do?!
  • In 1969-1971, After the Tet offensive, information was leaked out to the public. People lost hope in the war and slowly retreated.
  • Welcome to ARVN Training Camps. You will train here for the time being.
  • ARVN
  • ARVN troops were deployed, but they were defeated easily. In 1974 they signed a treaty, America withdrawn from the war.
  • In 1975, North Vietnam then breezed through troops and had successfully captured South Vietnam as their own, having full communism and united Vietnam. That is how it ended.
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