HW2 - UX Design
Updated: 4/3/2021
HW2 - UX Design

Storyboard Description

Non-revv issues

Storyboard Text

  • Can't Wait to be Home
  • Whew. That was a long work trip - now if I can just commute back home to ATL before I am stuck here overnight..
  • Hysteria
  • I'm sorry, but this flight is now full. I would recommend looking for other options
  • She's a BOSS
  • I said, "I am sorry?!"
  • Oh WAIT! I can quickly compare flight loads across various airlines. Click. Click. That's how I get back!
  • Brittany just got done with her work trip. She is exhausted and really antsy to make it home by tonight. This flight is looking good to get her back.
  • ...And a Sprinter
  • The operation agent informs Brittany that unfortunately the flight filled up due to earlier cancelations, she falls into a stage of hysteria.
  • Smooth Sailing
  • Finally! ATL, here I come! I can't believe I found this open flight, on this airline.
  • Brittany decides to take matters into her own hands. She quickly compares flight loads across various airlines and finds the an open flight that giver her the best chance to get home tonight. She is back!
  • Harmony at Last
  • Home, sweet, home.
  • ...And she is running across the airport to make this flight on time.
  • She smoothly makes it on the flight that she found when comparing. She was able to make such a good decision that she even got an entire row to herself! She is on her way back home to ATL.
  • Finally. She is home. She is able to relax, sleep in tomorrow without having to worry about flying back to ATL. She feels so relieved and grateful.