Frankenstein (Frankenry)
Updated: 4/8/2021
Frankenstein (Frankenry)

Storyboard Text

  • I urged Frankenstein to tell me about William. He said that he saw a little boy standing there, after he had been walking in the forest, William, and said all he wanted to do was talk, but William wouldn't let him. "I just wanted to shut him up," Frankenstein said. But I knew that Frankenstein didn't know about his superhuman powers.
  • "The only way for me to leave you and the rest of humankind alone is if you make me a mate," Frankenstein said. Victor accepted his offer and told his father he needed to go away. His father accepted but told Henery to go with Victor. Victor moved to an island with only five people on it and started working on Frankensteins' mate.
  • As Victor started making this monster, he started having doubts. Could this monster be more harmful than the other monster, would they even like each other? One night as Victor looked at the moon he had seen Frankenstein and started tearing up the other monster.
  • Victor returned to the mainland and heard some news that they had found someone dead on the shore. Victor rushed over to the body and saw that it was Henery. Victor rushed home to tell his family, of the news, and marry Elizabeth.
  • As the wedding was approaching Victor was scared for Elizabeth's life. The wedding now was here and Elizabeth could tell that Victor was on edge. After the wedding, Victor and Elizabeth had gone to a Villa. Elizabeth was up in the room while Victor waited for Frankenstein. Everyone in the Villa heard a loud shriek from the room, Elizabeth was now dead.
  • Victor sat there thinking to himself, my father must be next. Victor went home and told his father, a few days later Victor's father died. Victor spent the next months searching for Frankenstein and died on his journey. A couple of days later Frankenstein committed suicide.