The Mermaid Ring
Updated: 7/20/2020
The Mermaid Ring
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Cleo was a 15-year-old year girl who had gone on a vacation with her family for summer break. She had gone out for a walk to get some fresh air, where she found a beautiful blue ring. She picked it and decided to take it home and figure out what kind of gem this is. Because it didn't seem like any other gem. On the first day of school, Cleo's friends Lewis, Emma, and Rikki were excited to see each other after a long summer break. That is when Cleo pulled out a beautiful blue ring and showed it to her friends. As Lewis reads a lot of books he thought that he had seen it somewhere. Later Lewis went to the library to have research on the ring. He found out that the ring is a magical ring that is used my mermaids to protect themselves from the sailors a long time ago. Lewis got selfish and wanted all the powers of the ring and decided to snatch it from Cleo. Later in the classroom, Emma and Ricki were talking about the mirror that Emma had bought from an antique store. Lewis and Cleo arrived. Cleo kept her bad on the table and went to talk to the girls. While Lewis quietly unzipped Cleo's bag and took out the ring. Cleo noticed it and asked him to give it back to her. Suddenly a beam of light was produced from the ring Like it got activated. The light beam hit to Emma's mirror and reflected back to the ring and destroyed the blue ring. Lewis felt bad and realized how selfish he was. Cleo, Emma, and Rikki got very angry and decided never to be friends with him. - THE END-

Storyboard Text

  • Cleo has come to a vacation, she goes out to get some fresh air when she notices a blue ring.
  • look at this ring, such a beauty
  • Cleo picks it from curiosity and decided to take it home to do some research about the ring because the bluestone wasn't like a normal gem.
  • let me take it home,luwis,ricki and emma will surely help me find out what it really is....
  • I think i have seen this somewhere!
  • Cleo is back from vacation and ready to show her friends the gem that she found
  • look at this guys,i found this on the ground while i was on summerbreak
  • this looks amazing Cleo!
  • ---
  • Luwis goes to the library from a research...
  • this a ring that was created by mermaids to protect themselves from sailors
  • Now i got the magic ring!
  • Luwis was very selfish and wanted to get the ring... for that he had to steal it from cleo
  • magic ring?
  • emma was admiring herself by looking into the mirror
  • At that moment a light beam came from the ring, it reflected from emma's mirror and went back to the ring and destroyed it.
  • give it back lewis!
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