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Updated: 2/10/2020
Unknown Story

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  • And Jackson wins with 1.1 million voters!
  • yes!
  • No that cant be right!
  • I promise to help this country in every way possible!
  • This is a mistake!
  • I know you will!
  • Get these cherokee indians out!
  • Yes Sir!
  • The presidency of Andrew Jackson. The election was between John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson. the first time around Jackson had the most votes and then the corrupt bargain went into effect. Jackson believed since he had the most voted and didn't win, there was something else that made Adams win and he was right.The next presidency Jackson had won fair and square.
  • This was called the "Trail of Tears". It was when Andrew Jackson was president and wanted them to to go to a certain place. He had also sent troops to make sure the people were going to the set place.