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The Dust Bowl..
Updated: 11/3/2020
The Dust Bowl..
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  • THE DUST BOWL By: Liana Munoz
  • Son, we must leave out home! It is only getting worse out there.. we must leave now. There is also no money and food we must leave to survive
  • Dad, I don't want to leave this is where I grew up! But if that's the only way we will be safe, we must leave
  • I must get home to my family as fast as possible.
  • I must find my way home..
  • Hopefully this ends soon!
  • It is going to be okay! Maybe we can buy the tape to help keep the dust out.
  • It all started with a man made catastrophe, that lead to people leaving their homes and since the Great depression was going on, people did not have enough money and food. People collapsed into a stage of depression and started losing all they had.
  • We need to stay safe and I need to get food we are running out. I saw on the newspaper about the tape.
  • This scene shows how he was trying to find his way home since he cannot see due to the dust. As Ken Burns said in the video, People couldn't see 3-5 ft. in front of them. Which proves how it was really hard for them to see with all the dust.
  • Mom, my hair feels really odd because of the dust and it hurts when I drink water or eat I can feel it on my throat.
  • In this scene you can see he arrived home and his family and him huddled up with towels on their face to keep the dust out. As Dayton Duncan said in the video, people would huddle up with clots to keep dust out. Which proves that people had a really hard time keeping the dust out and that was only the beginning of it.. because this lasted 10 years.
  • In this scene it shows how they covered their doors and windows to keep the dust out because it was really bad out and it was hard to keep the dust out. They even sold gummed tape to also help it was all over the newspaper for people to buy. As someone in the video said I don't quite recall who it was.
  • This final scene shows how it was hard living the daily life during the dust bowl it was hard eating and drinking water. Especially doing any normal thing on a daily they always felt the dust on them it hurt them. As Dorothy Kauffman said 'you can feel the dust on your hair'.
  • It's going to be okay honey just try and drink water under your towel and for your hair there is nothing much to do.
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