The lion and the mouse
Updated: 2/3/2020
The lion and the mouse
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  • In the vast plains of Africa lived a mouse. She had no less than eight childern-all constantly mewling to be fed- so she was always rushed off her little paws looking for food. As soon as the sun set, the mouse would creep ot of her hole in search of nibbles.
  • One night the mouse spied a traveler. He was walking along a dirt road, eating as he went. Crumbs fell from his hands as he broke the bread to share with his dog. The mouse followed the traveler and picked up the crumbs. By dawn she had staryed far from home. She panicked and started back.
  • Before long she found herself in front of a mountain all covered in dry grass. Then she scampered further up the mountain. Then she spied something cuaght in the billowing grass-a stray grain of corn. The mouse pounced and bit into it- a strange grass came away between her teeth.
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