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Updated: 5/4/2019
graphic novel p 1

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  • {Ooohh, I want chairs!} Wait, that can't be right. I mean chicken!
  • From that day on, I worked to speak as much Malayalam and Tamil as I possibly could.
  • {Aadhira, Mohnish, come sit. Tell me, what do you guys want for dinner?}
  • Even if sometimes, it didn't work out too well. 
  • When I was with my family, I started speaking Malayalam and Tamil all the time, even in public.
  • {And then, he was blatantly racist to the class, and didn't even realize it! Can you believe?}
  • Truly, I found it freeing, the ability to speak another language in a world full of English. It was like being able to talk in code.
  • {I know, right?}
  • {God, she's so annoying.}
  • This time, when I found out we were going to see our family, I was nothing but excited.
  • I arrived in India, years after my decision to change, and walked into the same scene. 
  • {Hi sweetheart! How was your flight? Are you hungry?}
  • Now, however, I answered back with ease.
  • {It was good auntie! And, no, I can wait for dinner.}
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