intro to businesses

Updated: 10/27/2020
intro to businesses

Storyboard Text

  • they both want to be the best ice cream shop.
  • hey Joe, I was wondering if you wanted to help me? I heard my mom talk about the US economy system. Do you know anything about that?
  • Yeah! I can definitely help.
  • private property is something that we are learning about, can you help me understand it better.
  • Private property is a property that can be owned by anyone, it is usually valued.
  • Yes, that is true but don't forget they have to be okay with the consequences.
  • I heard that freedom of choice is a decision that an individual makes. Is that true?
  • Yeah, there are two different ice cream shops and that is called competition.
  • isn't there two different ice cream shops in town?
  • That's cool. You make money!
  • working here makes me a profit. I get the left over money that they place has after they pay the operating costs.
  • Thanks again Joe for really helping me understand The US economy system.
  • Any time Kim!