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Updated: 3/14/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Desert
  • What's up guys! I found water!! But it's too far from here.
  • River
  • Hey look! I think we get food across there
  • ahhhhh it's fresh
  • River
  • No way. they look us!
  • The 2 guys are so tired and lazy bcause they have no foods and water. So they have no energy in their body. Then another friend, a parrot, come, wake them up and tell if he just found a river.
  • Paddock
  • They're close!
  • While they are enjoying the water, they got a prey across the river. They are starving because never find any foods in a few days.
  • Behind The Mountain
  • Another some groups of animals are enjoying the water. But suddenly they got surprised for the appearance of wild animals that looks going to hunt them.
  • Cave
  • they seems can't find a place to hide anymore hahaha
  • Hey, there is a cave!
  • They keeps to persue them to get some foods to eat or they would die starving in the vast wilderness. Even though they don't have enough energy but they don't give up.
  • they're going to the mountain
  • Oh there it is
  • Because they are smart, they found a big rock. There's also a cave but they chose to not hide inside there because it looks not safe. But the big rock and a cave is not close to each other.
  • There is a cave over there. Let's go!
  • I agree with monkey. Let's just hide behind the big rock
  • No, don't go there...I don't think it is safe.
  • So here they think if another some groups hide inside the cave. Without thinking, they are ready to get in and catch them up. (Part 2 in the next board)
  • let's get in!