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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/23/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Lady Dragon Gaga!
  • In a land FAR FAR away there lived a royal family, and they had a BIG problem...
  • Sksksksksk no no problem, why is this little girl here though, like I OOP
  • when you go say "Dragon Dragon, How do you do? I've come to murder you
  • The cobbler brought 3 people to slay Lady Dragon Gaga
  • Thank you very much for offering to slay Lady Dragon GAGA
  • pssshhh like that poem is gonna defeat the lady dragon gaga, better go with my strategy!
  • Lady Dragon Gaga was destroying the village
  • Gaga Rara NO one will stop me HAHAHAHA
  • haha this vsco is no match for me
  • VSCO Tina can and tryed to slay the dragon, but she fainted
  • Then...
  • And I oop, nobodies here what was that poem thing again
  • Stand down or (gulp) els-I think i'll go...(frozen in fear)
  • Hoggy tried to slay the dragon but froze in it's little sally's turn.
  • Whoops this isn't the the kitchen!
  • Umm, oh right dragon dragon how do you do, I've come to murder you
  • Little Sally did it!, the Lady Dragon GAGA has been defeated!
  • HAHAHA, you murder ME! A-hahahahaha!.. oh (cough, Cough) oh hehehe oh ugh I'm choking, Blaaaa...
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