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The Imaginative Wonderlands
Updated: 10/1/2020
The Imaginative Wonderlands
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  • Imaginative Wonderlands
  • Welcome to the WORLD of Imagination. I present you.... IMAGINATIVE WONDERLANDS!Click To EditHelpEscapeInsert ParagraphUndo the last commandRedo the last commandTabUntabSet a bold styleSet a italic styleSet a underline styleSet a strikethrough styleClean a styleSet left alignSet center alignSet right alignSet full alignToggle unordered listToggle ordered listOutdent on current paragraphIndent on current paragraphChange current block's format as a paragraph(P tag)Change current block's format as H1Change current block's format as H2Change current block's format as H3Change current block's format as H4Change current block's format as H5Change current block's format as H6Insert horizontal ruleShow Link DialogSummernote 0.8.18 · Project · Issues
  • Some information-
  • We have fanta marshmallows, rainbow gold and our imaginative pen. It can make anything that we imagine like the box i made below.
  • How do we choose our leader?
  • Imaginative Wonderlands is a decently big country at around 510,000 km2. And it has 4 seasons. Fall, summer, winter and spring.
  • The trait of our head of state and head of government
  • Well he is a good leader because he developed this country into a high developed country
  • We have over 50 million people in our country. We have never been colonized. We are a developed country since our imagination pen can make anything and we can use it to fight enemies. We have a monarch and its chosen in a way which is 4 way battle and winner will be the king. So its a non democratic country. We used to be a non developed country but a huge meteor crashed to our lands and it granted us high technology. And our creator aka me created the imaginative pen!
  • Some problems
  • Well we might be developed in techs but people overuse the imagination pen causing pollution of foods and electronics. Oh also im Devan the creator!
  • Our head of state is Devan the Imaginator and the head of the government is Roby the Clumsy as known as our favorite robot. And we don't choose the government by a 4 way battle, and the winner becomes the head of the government and can rule until he/she dies. And we don't decide or pick the head of the state in any ways.
  • How do we overcome it?
  • The one with most trash cleaned wins a day in the royal floating island.
  • Devan the Imaginator is a smart person because he created the imagination pen and the other techs. He worked together with his first ever robot creation Roby the Clumsy to develop more things and made the country. In developing, it includes confidence (in trusting himself), patience (spends his time working on the techs), bravery (brave to make the techs) and master mind (a brain that can make high techs).
  • We are developed but people overuse the imagination pen. Which causes pollution of food and electronics and clothes and many more. Since the imagination pen can make anything real that you imagine.
  • Well we make events on the problem every 3 days! First event is clean up a trash for a free scholarship for a day. Second is clean for a chance to enter the 4 way battle. Third is cleaning competition for living in the Royal Floating Island for a day. And fourth is clean 10 bags of trash for a rainbow gold.
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