west africa trade empires
Updated: 5/12/2020
west africa trade empires

Storyboard Text

  • We all know of what happened in troupe during the renaissance to the age of exploration. But what happened to Africa before it became colonies
  • mali empire
  • portigul
  • spain
  • ghana empire
  • france
  • songhai empire
  • holy roman empire
  • byzantine empire
  • polish - lithuania
  • nations border are not accrete
  • ottoman empire
  • thats interesting but who's that?
  • Long ago there were 3 African empires that got rich through trade
  • that's mania musa, the richest man to exist, and was the ruler of mali. but how did mali and mania musa get so rich?
  • the 3 empires got rich because they hade gold deposits and gold was the currencey and thus they were giving themselves free money
  • map legend
  • trade routegold depositsonghaimalighana
  • they would sell salt and gold by camel to all of the other nations.
  • the 3 empire traded there resources for lots of money and islam would spread because of the trading.