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Updated: 9/3/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi Hera! I've heard a lot about you! You seem to be a very smart girl and I'd like your help.
  • Of course! Anything!
  • Sparta and Athens will be in a great war called the Peloponnesian war in the future, please tell me what I can do to stop it.
  • I was shocked to hear that Athens and Sparta would engage in a huge war, but right now I need to think.
  • I know!
  • There are many mountains that separate Hellas, maybe if they were gone we would be more united!
  • Water also surrounds Hellas making it hard for the people in the Islands to communicate with us. Maybe if there was a bridge, Greece could be one!
  • That's an amazing idea! By sunrise tomorrow, I will do what you suggest and Hellas will be one.
  • Thank you so much!