HW - Part 1

Updated: 5/22/2021
HW - Part 1

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  • When We Were LostBy Kevin Wignal
  • Tom Calloway and his high school class travel to Costa Rica for a school trip. 
  • Suddenly, the plane crashed in the middle of nowhere. Only 19 kids survived including Tom. One of the kids Joel took charge and didn't do anything productive to help them be saved.Tom met some of the others, some being Barney, Alice, Shen, and Kate, who wanted to join him to leave because Joel had took charge.
  • Emma
  •  Barney Joel
  •  ChrisNaomi Chloe
  • I'm in charge now.
  •  TomAlice
  • Can I join you in leaving in 3 days?
  • Sure.
  • You're lucky, there's a 25% chance of the snake bite you got not being poisonous. Luckily yours isn't poisonous, otherwise you'd be dead.
  • Tom Kate
  • It had been 3 days and 3 people out of the 19 high schoolers had died. Toby died from being bitten by a snake, Naomi died from a jaguar killing her, and Freddie died from a heat stroke. Since more than half of thehigh schoolers (9 of them) wanted to leave, Joel agreed they all should leave together. When they were travelling near a river, Tom got separated from the others so he had to split up. As he walked on his own, he got bitten by a snake. Kate came to help him and told him that luckily, his bite wasn't poisonous, so they went back to the river to meet up with the others.
  • Tom and Kate returned to the group near the river. Kate went to attempt to get food while Tom went to see Alice. Joel then noticed smoke from the distance and thought it could be someone that could help him. Tom and Alice disagreed, but Joel still wanted to try.So, those 3 plus Nick and Chris headed there. Once they got to the smoke's location, they discovered it was a cocaine factory. Joel and Chris went to ask the guard, but the guard locked them in the factory. Tom wasn't sure whether to save them or not. However, Alice cares about Chris a lot so he saved them by exploding the place, killing all the guards, and rushing them out to safety. Now, Tom and the others are coming back to the group.
  • Tom did the CRAZIEST thing...
  •  Once the others heard about what Tom did, some were shocked and in awe while others, were scared of him. After a day of rest, the high schoolers split into 2 groups and start using the boats on the river. Tom has Shen, Emma, Barney, Kate, George, Alice, and Sandeep on his boast (in order on the boat). As they were going on the river, an anaconda caused the boat to explode, sending all the teens into the river. Everyone got on board except for Sandeep and Tom. Sandeep was too scared to move, so Tom stayed until Sandeep got into the boat. If Sandeep hadn't gotten in, he would have died.