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chemestry hw
Updated: 10/16/2019
chemestry hw
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  • how it all began......
  • Me as a puddle
  • Me evaporating
  • Hello there my name is wally the particle and i amcurrently in a frozen puddle and this is my story on how i got here.I drifted through the sky with my fellow particles clung to me (i was in a snowflake).
  • Me in a cloud
  • As soon as we hit the ground we all melted away and slightly drifted away from each other we were now making up a puddle i felt pretty useless just lying on the ground while kids came and jumped through me but I kept reminding myself that the most exciting bit of this tiring cycle way coming up
  • Me in a rain drop
  • I felt the scorching hot sun shine upon us and me and my fellow particles were suddenly free to go where ever we wanted. My adrenaline rushed as i felt my self drifting up into the sky i loved this feeling so much i mean who wouldn't like flying!
  • Me in a frozen puddle
  • Unfortunately, after a while i stopped drifting upwards i stopped and joined a cloud with millions and millions of other particles. We slowly drifted forward, sometimes particles would evaporate up and join us sometimes particles would rain down.
  • Yet again i was soon falling through the sky in a raindrop. I had gotten use to the freedom of being in a cloud and found it rather squashed in the rain drop although the worst was still to come.
  • I fell onto the ground in a puddle and froze a few hours later me and my friend were all huddled tightly in the frozen puddle. And thats where my story as wally the water particle ends bye!!!!!!!!
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