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Updated: 9/22/2020
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  • The Characters are Scoot and SullyThis adventure story features a cutter rigged sailboat.A killer wave, known to mariners as a rogue wave was approaching a desolate area of Baja California.
  • It had been born off the east coast of traveled 7,000 miles at a speed 20.83 miles an hour.It measure at 48 feet from the bottom of it's trough to it's crest.
  • Melissa “Scoot” Atkins went below into the Old Sea Dog’s tiny galley, moving down the three steps of the companionway,closing the two solid entry doors behind her, always a good idea in offshore sailing. The three horizontal hatch boards that were on top of the doors were also firmly in place, securing the thirty-foot Baba type against sudden invasion of seawater.
  • Sullivan Atkins, Scoot’s oldest brother, was steering the cutter-rigged boat. It was already too late to shout a warning to Scoot so shecould escape from the cabin; too late to do anything excepthang on to the wheel with both hands; too late even to pray.
  • Scoot said tentatively, “Sully?” Maybe he’d been drowned. Maybe she was alone and would die here in the foul water. She repeated his name, but much more loudly. No answer. She was coming out of shock now and fear icier than the water was replacing her confusion. To die completely alone? It went that way for a few desperate moments, and then she said to herself, Scoot, you’ve got to get out of here! There has to be some way to get out . . .
  • Rogue wave,” said Sully. That’s what he planned to say to Beau Tucker as well. Stevens winced and nodded that he understood. The Old Sea Dog stayed on the surface for a little while longer, having delivered her survivors to safety; then her air pocket breathed its last and she slipped beneath the water, headed for the bottom.
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