Exodus Storyboard
Updated: 12/10/2020
Exodus Storyboard

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  • Hi Father It's Jacob. We need to go to Egypt. We need FOOD!!!!!
  • That's a big move Jacob!! Let's Do It For The Food!!
  • Were almost there!!!
  • Let's Keep up the good Work!!!!
  • So many bugs!!And I feel sick!!!
  • You can't give up now!!!Pull it together Jacob!!! We need the food from here!!!
  • The promise was that if Abraham left Ur that God said that one day Cannann would someday be Abraham’s descendents. This was God and Abraham’s covenant.Years later, a famine struck Canaan. Abrahams grandson Jacob and his family fled to Egypt. As the Isrealites grew more numerous, and practiced Monotheism, the pharoh became mistrustful and enslaved them all!!!!!!!!
  • Bye Hebrrews!!!
  • We are now leaving fairwell!!
  • Moses was a hebrew that was raised in the palace of the Pharoah in Egypt. He wanted to leave the palace because the Pharoah was enslaving the Hebrews. The Pharoah would not let the Hebrews out of Slavery. The Hebrews were monotheistic. They only beleived in one god.
  • Thank You God I pray for you!!!
  • Moses you receive the 10 commandments!
  • Some of the punishments were, illnesses, swarms of bugs, and death of the firstborn son. Moses said to the Isrealities that they should avoid this punishment by marking their door with the blood of Lambs.
  • R.I.P Moses
  • After, the last punishment the Pharoah told the Isrealites to leave Egypt. Moses led the Isrealities to Sinai Peninsula. The Freedom of Hebrews is called Eexods and is remembered during the week of Passover
  • After leaving Egypt the Isrealities went to Canaan for 40 years. Moses received a tablet with the 10 commandments on the tablet. He received the tablet from God at the top of Mt. Sinai.
  • This is Sinai mount.
  • Moses died in the desert, his assistant Joshua, led the armies into Canaan, they conquered Jericho. The Isrealities conquered seven small kingdoms, called tribes… some settled in the south, north, and east
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