Updated: 2/4/2020
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  • Back in Ancient Egyptian times, people believed that there was an afterlife in which your heart would be weighed to determine whether you were worthy for The Land of Two Fields.
  • If your heart was lighter than a feather, you would be welcomed into their version of Heaven. Though if it was heavier than a feather, Ammit would eat you.
  • Hello, I'm Anubis, and I'll be weighing your heart to determine if you're worthy for the afterlife.
  • Hello, I'm Ammit. I'll gobble anyone who's sinned too many times and has a heavy heart.
  • Darn, I was extremely hungry today.
  • Perfect, you have a light heart. Welcome to the land of two fields.
  • People with light hearts were brought to The Land of Two Fields by Osiris.
  • Hello, I'm Osiris. I'll be bringing you to the land of two fields.
  • Hello!
  • Look it's Horus, the god of sky and war.
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