A History of Black Inventors
Updated: 3/28/2021
A History of Black Inventors

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  • Elijah McCoy,Inventor of an oil-lubricating application for machines
  • Elijah McCoyMay 2, 1844 - October 10, 1929Born free in 1844 in Canada to runaway slaves George and Mildred McCoy.Besides being a famous inventory, Elijah McCoy was also an engineer, tobacconist, and fireman.Elijah was educated in Scotland.
  • Elijah McCoy was the inventor of over 50 patents!Some of his inventions include:A folding ironing tableHis most famous invention was a cup that continuously supplied oil lubrication to steam engines.
  • Despite his education, Elijah was only able to find work as a train fireman and oilman for the Michigan Central Railroad .
  • Engineers who wanted genuine McCoy lubricators often said they want "the real McCoy," which became a popular saying.
  • Because of his education, training, and experience as an oilman on trains, he was able to identify and solve the problems of engine lubrication and overheating. Railroads began using McCoy's new lubricators, which contributed to much of his success.THE END