Chapter 18. Done by: Sydney Chen
Updated: 1/17/2021
Chapter 18. Done by: Sydney Chen

Storyboard Text

  • "The man is telling lies, I saw them."
  • The man seized Chike by the throat when he started talking and the police had to push off the man.
  • I saw the thieves, this man helped them. I heard him talking with them
  • "What do you mean youngman?"
  • "The lorry was called S.M.O.G no. I, the driver was called Ignatius."
  • Chike became a hero, a big man in the crowd lifted Chike up and placed him on his shoulders.
  • He even hid over there after he escaped the Lorry
  • The Thieves and watch man was tried and imprisoned and Chike received a school Scholarship from the company of the shop.
  • I promise to make you a present later.
  • Polices arrested the 3 thieves after returning the expensive Bales.