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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/18/2019
Unknown Story
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  • The Biycle and the Sweet Shop
  • " I'm watchin you so keep yer thievin fingers off them chocolates
  • why is she so mad?
  • The Great Mouse Plot
  • This is going to be so awsome,Dahl slips in the dead mouse.
  • "And one bootlace please
  • Mr Coombes
  • "We had never known the sweet shop to be closed at this time "
  • Closed
  • "let im hav it"
  • Dahl talks about two moments one with someone riding a bike with no hands on the handlebars and he mostly talks about a sweet shop and the loathsome person that owns it.
  • Mrs.Pratchett's Revenge
  • "Ow-w-w-w-w-w"
  • Dahl and his friends found a dead mouse in a floor board they cut open.They used the mouse as a prank of Mrs Pratchett the owner because she was always mean to the customers.
  • First Day
  • Dahl and his friends go to the sweet shop and found out that the sweet shop is closed .When they look threw the window they find out that the dead mose was on the floor.They went to their school thay were ordered to go to the playground.Mrs Pratchett go's to their school to look for them.
  • The Matron
  • "Snoring is a disgusting habitOnly the lower classes do it"
  • Mr Coombes the head master called out the group of friends they knew that was coming.When they came in they were ready for a caning.They heard a laugh when Mr Coombes hit the first stoke .First they hit Thwaites on of Dahl friends when they were done Dahl was crying.
  • Mrs Dahl and her son go to boarding school called St peters.They went their by boat.Dahl had a tuck box and a trunk.They went the rest of the of the way on a taxi.When they goy their they met the headmaster.
  • Goodbye, Mrs Dahl. I shouldn’t linger if I were you. We’ll look after him.’
  • Dahl meets the matron she can order anyone to the headmaster for caning.On one night his friend Wragg sprinkled castor sugar all over the linoleum floor of the corridor.Then a boy named tweedie was snoring and the matron put soap shavings on tweedie's mouth
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