Silent Barter Example
Updated: 12/10/2019
Silent Barter Example
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  • The Arabs would lay out their salt for the Wangarans to come and trade for it. They would beat a drum to tell them they were ready.
  • The Wangarans would come to see how much salt is available for trade and lay out an offer with gold to trade for the salt.
  • The Arabs would see how much gold was offered and either take the gold if it was a good offer or go back and wait fo the Wangarans to add more gold to the offer if it was a bad offer.
  • This process would repeat until the Arabs were happy with the offer and take the gold.
  • Once the Arabs were happy with offer of gold they would take the gold that was offered, then the Wangarans would come and take the salt.
  • This process was very helpful because traders didn't have to speak in the same language to trade and the Wangarans got to keep their secret of were they got their gold.
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