Teen Save The World

Updated: 7/24/2020
Teen Save The World

Storyboard Description

There was raining outside with roars of thunder storm and in the middle of the night the bell rings ...... girl opens the door and in a glitch ..... sees the future ahead ...... "difficulties are going to come in future"......... the journey it becomes the tragedy.....” you have to fights against the disasters”....... What will happen can she save the world from this disaster???? Can she find her way home??? FIND IT OUT WHAT WILL HAPPEN!!!!!

Storyboard Text

  • Ahh!!!! Why me mom?? Why can not you open the door MOM!!!!
  • Go open the door Alexa!!!!
  • Come Alexa !!!You have to save the us!
  • Why me!!!
  • aaaaaaaa!!
  • Who is it dear??
  • Miss!! I am terrified!
  • There is the evil witch, you have to save us from her prison!!
  • Okay, dear come near this forest you will see a hut enter in it.
  • Why can not you go and destroy her you also have powers?
  • So why i am here??
  • So where is princess!
  • You have to save the Princess so she can finish this evil witch because she is the only sibling whom Queen gave her power.So you have to save her.
  • No i cannot if i will go she will destroy me!
  • She is in the castle!
  • Your Majesty, there is a girl who is here to save the Princess !!
  • Let me see who is here to die! I will kill her and princess!