The kid who saved the vaccine accidently
Updated: 5/19/2020
The kid who saved the vaccine accidently

Storyboard Text

  • It was a sunny-normal beautiful day in Green Ville and every one waas happly walking up and own the streets. The only bad thing that Green VIlle ahd was that people got sick really frequently.
  • There was this little boy called Tommy, who was 8 years old and he liked watching scientist create experiments and doing them. He believed that he was a scientist two, like his dad.
  • One day Tonny was in his room and looked out the window and didn't saw anybody in the streets like frequently. he asked his dad.
  • Ah ok, is there a way i could help? because i am a scientist?
  • Yeah. WHy isn't there as much people outside as always?
  • Well there is a virus and I am trying to find the way to give out the vaccine to everybody without us, scientist getting infected. While we figure out a way, everyone needs to stay in quarantine.
  • Hey Tons is everything ok?
  • What if i take the vaccine and prove my dad wrong, i am a scientist.
  • Fine if you say so.
  • Tonny knew that he was going to get in a lot of trouble but he wanted to take the vaccine from his dad's office and create a machine that it would give every person in the town a vaccine at once. He knew it was impossible, but for him anything was possible.
  • Well yeah, for now Tons I need you to stay home safe, that is the most you can do. Remember you are not a scientist yet.
  • Im sorry dad!! I was just trying to help.
  • Help with what?Now all the work that I've done is gone!! GO TO YOUR ROOOOOM!!!
  • Like he though, Tonny went to his father's office and grabbed the vaccine. all it was left for him to do was to create a machine to give it to everybody in his town and saved them but when he was heading out the vaccine fell and his dad came.
  • Apology accepted. Actually kiddo, Im the one who has to be sorry because i screamed at you.
  • Its ok dad i shouldn't have messed with your vaccine. What are you going to do now?
  • What have i done!!I'm really sorry DAD, I just wanted to be a heroe like you