Cathrine storry board
Updated: 1/10/2020
Cathrine storry board
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  • Cathrine the Great of Russia
  • My name is Cathrine the Great Of Russia. I ruled Russia for 34 years.
  • The Longest Ruling Female In Russia
  • Added 200,000 square miles to the empire.
  • She was a great and inspiring Monarch in Russia. She did many important things for her country. She helped Russia adapt and change.
  • The first educational institute for women
  • She ruled for 34 years as a Monarch in Russia. She ruled until the day she died. Cathrine was the first to rule for this long in Russia.
  • Encouraged growth of art and science
  • Cathrine made a treaty with the Ottoman Empire. This was done in 1774 and gained land to Russia.
  • Why Cathrine the Great is the best
  • Cathrine, as the great leader she was, opened the first educational institute for women. Cathrine gave more power to women. She named the institute Smolny Institute.
  • Catherine encouraged art which helped Russia become a part of modern West. Also this art helped her become more accepted because she was german.
  • She is the best because she helped Russia become an important country. She gained a lot of land for Russia and was a great female inspiration.
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