In a Morning
Updated: 6/2/2020
In a Morning

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  • good morning, i slept a little badly tonight
  • good morning love, did you have any nigtmares?
  • that night I had a lot of nightmares about strange things, so I didn't sleep well
  • I also dream about many strange things sometimes, but you always make me safer
  • ok life, i have few bottles in the office
  • the day is hot today you better drink much water during the day
  • you took time off to help your father today, do you know what they are going to do
  • I'II get ready for work, before I'm late
  • i have no ideia what we're going todo yet. but he was really looking forward to painting the house
  • none of my work friends are going today, did anything happen?
  • Im going to go to work early, so I'II get just some bit of traffic.
  • good job my love, after work we can go out to eat