Ramayana Storyboard

Updated: 5/17/2021
Ramayana Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • the monkeys worked hard to build the bridge and as soon as they began to cross Ravana saw and the battle begun
  • The monkeys and rakshasas fought all day, at a time Rama destroyed Ravana's chariot although he fell back out of respect 
  • Lakshmana was struck in the heart by Ravana. Rama was very frightened but Hanuman came to the rescue,he went to Mahodaya a near mountain to find herbs for healing, he did not know which one to bring so he used his great strength to bring the entire mountain
  • A healed Lakshmana was ready for a new attack, Rama with the help of the gods was able to kill Ravana. Sita was reunited with Rama. Although Rama was sad, he has to seperate with Sita as she lived in another man's house. She was determined to prove her purity.
  • Sita ordered the monkeys to create a fire, to prove her purity she leapt through the fire, All of a sudden Agni, the fire god appeared and said she is virtuous. Rama was overjoyed and had no doubts. 
  • The couple returned and ruled the kingdom for several years. They were great leaders of Ayodya and brought joy to their people